WPF Englisch

What exactly is Englisch Wahlpflichtfach

It’s the greatest hits of what an English lesson can be, that’s what it is!

Forget about the standardized formats and filling out pages in your course book. If you love working with films and TV shows, if you love song lyrics, literature and digging deeper into topics, if you love discovering English-speaking countries and their culture, this is the subject for you!

Creative minds will find a lot to dig into and be given plenty of opportunities to express themselves. Speakers eager to discover new ways of expressing themselves will soon be able to shine. Lovers of English will get the kind of content they’ve always hoped for. 

General information:

The topics covered are partly chosen by the students themselves and may vary from teacher to teacher. You will typically be required to hand in some assignments as a portfolio, have to give presentations, do some extra reading (e.g. a class reader) and you may have some vocabulary quizzes. There are usually excursions as well (e.g. an English cinema or play).

You can even take Englisch Wahlpflichtfach as part of the mündliche Reifeprüfung instead of regular English.

Some quotes from (former) students:

“I loved working on my portfolio because it actually felt like I was doing something meaningful that interested me. I really tried to get better at expressing myself and sound more like a native speaker.”

“This course was perfect for me because I always watch TV series and movies in English and all my favorite songs are in English too. It might be a little difficult for someone who isn’t so good in English (it isn’t test training), but for me it was a fun and interesting challenge.”

“I definitely learned some excellent (and funny!) expressions in this course. It’s cool to get to speak more and joke around with the teacher and the others in a smaller group. It felt very natural.”