Vienna's English Theatre

Vienna's English Theatre: Rob And The Hoodies

On October 14th four young actors from Vienna´s English Theatre Schooltours came to give a performance of  "Rob and the Hoodies" for all year 2 and 3 students.

We definitely  enjoyed the show! It made English come to life and we picked up a lot of cool phrases. Here are our favourite ones:

You`re nutty as a fruitcake!
Sophie, 2B

Get lost!
Milan, 2B

Sounds  crap to me!
Arian, 2B

Wicked! ("Geil!" in German)
Sophie, Timo, Dennis,  2B

Fifty quid?
Sina, 2B

They´re just a couple of idiots!
Anna, 2B

Send him a text!
Markus, 2B

Are you two mental or something?
Lukas, 2B

F... (Flipping heck)!
Günter, 2B

Durr brain!
Florian, 2B

Am I an atlas? Look it up in Wikipedia!
Mrs Patzelt, English teacher, 2B

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Vienna's English Theatre: Sacrifice

Who is sacrificed?
On March 2nd 2010 the actors of Vienna's English Theatre presented the new play called "Sacrifice" by Claudia Leaf. Beth is new in town and she loves to photograph. She falls for the Goth boy Jake who has a band. Liam and Josh are two boys, always looking for some girls. They want Beth, but Jake doesn't accept that. During an argument Josh attacks him. A play with great actors, much fun and a mystic mood.
(Carla Zambal, Marlene Kofler, Heide Halama, Julia Kratochvil, 6a)

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Vienna's English Theatre at our school

Madness and murder: "Macbeth"
On December 4th a group of passionate young actors from the Vienna's English Theatre came to our school. They performed Shakespeare's tragedy "Macbeth". Inspite of using only four people to represent nine different characters, they managed to play their roles so well that one could easily follow the storyline. There was a lot of blood shed on the stage throughout the play... 

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